Pot Coulissant


Water is one of the most important elements of this planet. Through its effectiveness it is able to destroy and kill almost everything, at the same time it is able to create and secure new life. For this reason, irrigation is an important aspect of garden tools. The plants must not get too much or too little water. Therefore, over the years, many different approaches to irrigation have emerged. From simple bowls, buckets to watering cans, from rivers to hoses and later to highly technical and automated irrigation systems. Watering cans have been the focus of attention because they are found in virtually every garden and are very versatile.
This focus and the knowledge that many people damage their health by lifting and carrying objects incorrectly led to Pot Coulissant. A watering can that should be aesthetically pleasing and elegant, and that can be carried by a simple suspension with a shoulder strap. Several concepts were developed to make this possible. The following questions were crucial: how to connect the shoulder strap to the watering can and what changes would have to be made to the design as a result? Thus, an initial fixed idea became a first prototype. This was completely overhauled by the prototype of the next generation. This new prototype continued to the final design. It was taken apart and every little detail was thought through, minimized and redesigned. Until finally a very defined and specified design emerged. Pot Coulissant was born.

The disassembly and specification of each section significantly changed the design. The handle was moved about 25 percent to one side of the watering can. It has a horizontal position at the back to ensure the most balanced handling. The water inlet was moved about 35 percent to the opposite side. The water tank has been adjusted to a comfortable size of approximately 9 liters. The edges of the tank have been rounded with a radius of 1 cm. The tube is a little over 60 cm long and can build up a lot of pressure thanks to a diameter of 3 cm. There are also knobs at the front end of the tube to prevent the spouts from falling off when pouring.