Out of necessity, having little space available and yet needing a clothes rack, the project Stån was born. Stån should have room to hang a jacket or coat without taking up space, be neither clunky nor unaesthetic or directly catch your eye. For this purpose, various coat racks were taken apart, examined for their stability, dimensions and materials and categorized. Research on jackets and coats also helped define the ideal and, above all, necessary dimensions of the coat rack.
Stån offers the possibility to hold very heavy coats without tipping over and at the same time leaving an orderly room appearance. The stand is also very cost-effective and easy to manufacture thanks to the choice of a bent and welded steel rod as material. Furthermore, the discreet simplicity and thinness of this steel bar brings a very stable and unobtrusive appearance.

Jackets and coats can be hung in two places that have a height difference of 24 cm. The different heights of the suspensions are adapted to the different length of jackets and coats, on one side of the Stån you can hang coats and on the other side jackets, both thereby have the same distance to the floor at the bottom. This reinforces a calm and orderly image in the room.