The discovery of fire is one of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind. Through fire, man had light, a source of warmth and, most importantly for reproduction, the ability to cook food.
Even today, fire is something that warms people and brings them together. Be it for barbecuing, around a campfire or with a fire bowl on the terrace.
Based on this knowledge and with the goal of creating something that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, a first design for a fire bowl was created. After this design was tested and improved through several simulations with different materials, was born.  

Regarding the choice of materials, is aesthetically adapted to its urban environment. The selected special reinforced concrete, is heat resistant and expands similarly to stainless steel when exposed to heat, without breaking or cracking. The upper part is designed so that a ring disc of stainless steel has a distance from the lower part of reinforced concrete through bars, which is ideal to distribute the heat of the fire evenly from the inside to the outside. This makes it possible to prepare food on this ring disc, in much the same way as on a Teppan Yaki.